Photo: Michael Viid / unsplash

     This is the last issue of the mid Rio Grande Times. Our articles have focused mainly on living sustainably, participating in earth justice, and confronting harmful policies which affect all life in this mid Rio Grande watershed. Take a look at the index for any articles you may have missed and want to read. They will no longer be found on the internet. However, you may obtain a pdf copy of the 34 issues by contacting Ken Gingerich at Available in January.

     As we lay down this monthly, we’d like to guide you to a couple sites critical to our environment and water issues. Check in with Climate Action for their monthly seminars, Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates for their political analysis of water issues, and Bernalillo County Open Space Urban Agriculture for some local educational events at various sites. Full funding for the 23 positions vacant in the Office of State Engineer and Interstate Stream Commission are critical if New Mexico is to move forward on the Water Security Act. The legislative session starts in January and the Governor and members of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committes need to hear from us. “Think Water: Act Now.”

Thank you for taking this three-year journey with us. Enjoy these photos of our watershed.

And thank you for all the work you have done:
Deb.S., Adrienne J., Edna L., Lesley K., Donna D. Anita A., M.J. Z., George M., Esther J., Kathy C., Roger H., Nancy H., Lali M., Sam C., David P., Anne S., Joran V., Amy O., Jeanne E., Josh S., Mary D., Marian G., Mike H., Maria G. Signing off: Sue B., Ken G.



Thank you for sharing some of your photos. We also chose a few of our favorites from our files. Thank you for walking with us for almost three years. We celebrate the fragile beauty of our watershed and hope you will find ways to engage in protecting and loving this sacred land.

Photo by Gwen Pederson

Photos by Donna Detweiler

Bosque coyote. Photo by Dave Parsons

In the bleak midwinter. Photo by Katherine Chilton

Island in the stream. Photo by Katherine Chlton

Winter Ditch. Photo by Katherine Chilton

Sandhill arrival. Photos by Roger Harmon

Sandhill geese gathering in the bosque. Photo by Rosemary Dudley

Bosque del Apache dawn. Photo b Ken Gingerich

Mural ….. Photo by Ken Gingerich

The Oxbow at daybreak. Photo by Ken Gingerich