Tree Questionnaire

Before you dig into this issue, we’d like to ask about your tree planting goals after reading the last issue.

How many trees would you like to plant in ’22-’23?
Where do you want to plant them?
Would you prefer to work by yourself or with others?
Do you need further information?

Please leave a reply below.

3 thoughts on “Tree Questionnaire

  1. I’m not near Allbuquerque or New Mexico at the moment, but when I return there from Mérida, Mexico, in spring or summer 2023, I would certainly like to volunteer to help with tree-planting in someone else’s project. And at some point I’d like to find out what kind of tree planting, if any, would be beneficial in the scrub land on either side of the I-25 south of ABQ. I actually own a couple acres somewere in that vast desert area. :-).

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