Where Water Was

This past summer our granddaughter led us on a walk to a part of the Rio Grande quite close to where she lives in the South Valley. It was distressing. Where water once ran, we could walk out on an expanse of dry ground. The remaining thin streams of water were easy to leap across.

I share this because of the feeling that confronts me, that what it will take for the river to be restored is insurmountable. It will take, in other words, a miracle. Doing everything we can to preserve and nurture the river may not be enough, but with God, all things are possible. Scott Walker started Eco-Prayer some years ago. The idea is to pray daily for something in the earth we care about and to engage others to do the same.

So I encourage you, besides doing what you can to care for the earth, pray for something, some form of life you care about. If isn’t our Rio Grande watershed, then add your prayers to mine.                                                                                                    By Glen Kappy